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Travel | Interailing - Rome, Italy

Walking through history. That's how I felt walking in the streets of Rome: like I was walking in a real-life history book. It concentrates so many different periods in the same space... it's fantastic. It also felt extra special since it was the very last stop after a whole month of interailing!

Caminhar pela história. Foi assim que me senti enquanto passeava pelas ruas de Roma: como se estivesse num livro de história. Concentra tantas épocas no mesmo espaço... É fantástico. E foi ainda mais especial por ter sido a nossa última paragem depois de um mês de interail!


Day 25.
Travel day
Dia de viagem

Don't really have pictures... we arrived to the apartment in Via Nazionale (great spot!) and looked arround.

Day 26.
First day in Rome
Primeiro dia em Roma

Day entirely dedicated to ancient Rome. We visited the Colosseum, the Imperial Forum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill... I loved seeing everything, it is truly amazing how structures that are over 2000 years old are still standing today! On our way to the ancient area we took a look at Vittorio Emanuel II monument, that was really close to our apartment. Afterwards we also walked to Bocca della Verita.

Day 27.
Second day in Rome
Segundo dia em Roma

A lot of walking though Rome... We started out the morning by visiting the Pantheon, which was one of my favourite sites. The little opening in the dome looks so tiny but actually is 9 meters long in diameter, how cool is that?! I find it amazing that all those years ago people already had the engineering habillities to do such a thing. Afterwards we stopped on a little church which we came across and I tell you: do enter in every single church you see in Rome! Outside it looked really trivial but inside it was one of the most beautiful churchs I have ever seen - you can see the pictures for yourself down in this page. We then went to the Capitolines Museums, which were amazing. We were fortunate enough to see the temporary exibition "Secret archieves of the Vatican", which was simply fantastic. In the permanent exibition I particularly liked the Capitoline Wolf and the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius. After all of this we still found time to look around Rome's piazzas, namely: Piazza del Campidoglio, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia and Piazza di Spagna. We finished off the day at Fontana di Trevi, and of course threw a coin over our left shoulder - tradition says if you do so you will return to Rome someday!

Day 28.
Third day in Rome
Terceiro dia em Roma

This day we spent at Vatican City... there's just so much to see! We went early so we wouldn't have to wait in line too long. When we went in I couldn't believe my eyes: everything is just so rich. There's the best way to describe it: you don't even know if you should look at the rooms in itself or to the things exposed in them. My personal favourites were The School of Athens by Rafael and of course Michaelangelo's paitings in the Sistine Chapel. Afterwards we went to St. Peter's Basilica and saw the basilica in itself, which is fantastic, and also the Swiss Guard and Michaelangelo's Pietà. We finished the day by taking a look at St. Angelo's Castle, which is a short walk from the basilica. At night we went out for pizza to celebrate our last  night in Rome and in Europe!

Day 29.
Coming back home
Volta a casa

After a whole month wondering through Europe by ourselfs, I must admit that it felt extremely weird to come home. I packed all my things in my backpack, as I had already done so many times before in order to move city... but this time the next city was a special one: Lisbon! After an early wake-up time and a flight that seemed to take forever, we finally arrived to our dear Lisbon and to our loved-ones. Behind we left a whole month of wonderful memories and an Europe, the good-old-continent, that I promise will see much more of me in the future!


  1. wonderful photo .. rome is spectacular ang magic!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!

  2. Que saudades da minha viagem a roma :)

    Muito boas fotos!

  3. que fotos tão bonitas!! parece que fiquei a conhecer um bocadinho de Roma*


  4. Adorei o blog, principalmente a Disney Princesses Series - super original!! Beijinho e continua *

  5. Maravilhosas fotografias, viajar é das coisas que mais prazer me dá nesta vida :D

    Não percas o mega cabaz a sorteio AQUI! :)

    All about Lady Things

  6. Rome is beautiful and thank you for sharing your whole journey, it was exciting!

  7. nice shots baby

  8. though i live in rome, but it's always so lovely to look all the photos from Rome from other people! :)xx

  9. adoro,adoro! definitivamente na minha lista de cidades a visitar! :)

  10. Adoro Roma, ainda bem que tenho oportunidade de lá voltar :D

  11. thanks for sharing.

  12. das coisas que eu mais gosto de ler nos blogues é sobre viagens e sonho um dia poder escrever sobre as minhas. cativaste-me com este post sobre roma. maravilhoso! as fotografias são belíssimas, tenho de ir ver os outros posts :)