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Goodies | Obey worldwide

Today I'm showing you some goodies Obey kindly sent me... I'm in love with all of these pieces! The design is
great and honestly the quality is fantastic! Which ones would you like to see in an outfit first? Let me know!!

Hoje mostro-vos estas peças que a Obey gentilmente me mandou... Adoro-as a todas! O design é giríssimo e
honestamente a qualidade é muito boa! Quais delas gostavam de ver num conjunto primeiro??

Fedora hat: c/o Obey Clothing (SS13)
Tank top: c/o Obey Clothing (SS13)
Printed pants: c/o Obey Clothing (SS13)
Blue shirt: c/o Obey Clothing (SS13)
Swimsuit: c/o Obey Clothing (SS13)
Red sweater: c/o Obey Clothing (SS13)


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  1. Gosto muito do chapéu!

  2. Gostei, parece que tens aí coisas tão giras! Estou curiosa para ver como as vais usar :) Stolen From My Mom

  3. Os chapéus estão na moda. =D

  4. Lucky you ! I LOVE Obey... can't wait to see you wearing those !

  5. Thanks for showing your some goodies Obey collection. Specially I like to wear Obey dresses and I feel comfort as well. I really like their different kind of latest design as well as quality which is fantastic...

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