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Personal | 2012 favourites

Here are some of my favourite things (and posts!) from 2012... Read more to check them out!
Aqui estão algumas das minhas coisas (e posts!) preferidos de 2012... Leiam mais para descobrirem!

1. My blog: Press, partners and news

Favourite change: New layout and header.

Favourite news (post: Exciting press news!)... Being admitted into Blogger's Wardrobe!

Favourite partnership photograph (post: Outfit | Cocoon)... Love this coat from Blanco.

Favourite sponsored gift (post: Outfit | Never hide)... Wayfarer Ray Ban's, just because I wanted a pair for so long!

Favourite making-of photograph (post: photoshoot for Style in a Box)... This is such a great make up!

Favourite photoshoot photograph (post: Style in a Box III)... I love this photograph from
the photoshoot with Style in a Box: I think I kinda look like a cat.

2. My blog: Posts

Favourite inspiration board (post: Summer)... Great colours and vibe!

Favourite editorials... Cats and comics, can't decide which I like best.

Favourite self produced editorial (post: Editorial | Waiting for a train)... Got to do more posts like this!

Favourite goodies post (post: Goodies | It's a brand new thing!)... My first ever monthly goodies post.

Favourite weird portrait (post: Outfit | Idyllic Scenery)... Doe eyes, don't you think?

Favourite festive post (post: Outfit | Enchanted woods)... an outfit post with the most beautiful Christmas tree.

Favourite cuteness (post: outfit | secret garden)... These little ducklings!

Favourite trend (post: Outfit | Neon touch)... Neon for sure.

 Favourite fashion news (post: Style in a Box)... Opening of Style in a Box.

3. My blog: Outfits

 Favourite early Miss Tangerine outfit (post: Outfit | I'm in love): a black dress by the riverside.

Favourite preview (post: The plaid shirt)... This picture is compelling to me.

Favourite summer outfit (post: Outfit | All we need is)... I find total white perfect for Summer.

 Favourite alternative outfit (post: Outfit | The dark fairy)... Very dark.

Favourite casual outfit (post: Outfit | Give me a break)... Lovely photographs and feeling.

Favourite romantic outfit (post: Outfit | The Party Series III)... Specially love the hairdo, miss the long hair!

Favourite party outfit (post: Outfit | Purple rain)... I'm very proud of this post.

4. My wardrobe

Favourite basic (post: Outfit | Cocoon)... Black pants.

Favourite dress (post: party series V)... The one I wore on my 18th birthday party.

Favourite accessorie (post: white on white)... Snake ear cuff.

 Favourite hair acessorie (post: Outfit | Girly nudes)... H&M rose gold haircuff.

Favourite beauty product (post: Outfit | Purple rain)... Lipstick.

1. Myself

 Favourite picture of myself (post: Lost in the beach)... Just love this picture!

Favourite people (post: Interrailing in Prague)... my friends. And my family, of course.

Favourite special person (post: Interrailing in Munchen)... My boyfriend (love this picture of us).

Favourite trip (post: Interrailing in Rome)... my 30 days long interail.

 Favourite decision (post: New haircut)... chopping my hair off.
Favourite follower (post: Outfit | It's Christmas time)... YOU!! :D


  1. que fotos giras Marianinha!*
    beijinho e bom 2013 :)

  2. Fantástico ano...o 2013 será ainda melhor *.*

    Um grande beijinho :)

    All about Lady Things 

  3. wow it was such an amazing year for you. I'm sure 2013 will be even more surprising :)
    and I love your "new" haircut :)

  4. Uauu que fotos maravilhosas querida! =D
    Bom ano 2013 para ti...


  5. Adorei todos os favoritos! Bom anoooo...

  6. Querida,

    Vim só mesmo deixar-te um grande beijinho*

    Um excelente 2013 minha querida*

  7. Gosto de tudo. Além de bonita és extremamente fotogénica. Parabéns pelo blog :)
    Bom ano!*

  8. adorei esta review!!! que ano fabuloso, cheio de fotos lindas! :D

    beijinhos, Nádia
    My Fashion Insider

  9. Que fotos maravilhosas! Feliz 2013 ♡

  10. Parabéns pela selecção das fotografias, estão muito giras:)