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Outfit | How can I not smile in the sun?

Sweater: H&M // Leggings: Zara // Boots: Extart&Panno

Good mood. I'm loving the sun that has been shining here in Lisbon... it is impossible not to be in a good mood instantly (and even more now that I am on vacation)! I wore this outfit to a walk downtown with a friend I hadn't seen in quite a long time, isn't it great to be with the people we care about?!


Outfit | Like I'm a domino.

Sweater: H&M // Jeans: Zara // Boots: Etxart&Panno // Bag: Zara // Collar: Abataba

Sunday blues. I know you're probably feeling a little blue since it's Sudnay already and the weekend is almost over so I thought I'd cheer you up with today's outfit: my bright yellow sweater paired with my new Abataba collar make a perfect combo don't you think? I am completly in love and I have already in my mind a thousand different combinations to wear in the Summer time.


Outfit | Like a ninja

Top: Primark ||  Pants: Zara || Bracelet: Acessorize

Doubts. Yesterday I went out for a little shopping and when I say these transparent flare pants at Zara, I couldn't resist... They are so elegant and at the same time they kind of make me feel like a ninja (am I insane?), that was the inspiration for this shoot. I'm still thinking about whether I should keep them or not though. What do you think? Let me know.

Inspiration board | Dark maxi skirts


Outfit | The blues

Coat: Stefanel // Vest: Etxart&Panno // Denim shirt: Zara // Shorts: H&M // Flats: Haiti

Outfit blues, rainbow mood! I must tell you that my exam went rather well (I finished Anatomy with grade 18) and, even more important, I am finally on vacations now!! I confess it feels pretty good since I haven't had a decent vacation since I entered college last September... Med school is stressfull indeed. But now I want to rest and, of course, that care of my lovely blog! In a few days I'll post the giveaway I had already announced and stay tuned for there will be many more surprises!


Outfit | Varsity in the sun

Varsity jacket: Bershka // Dress: Etxart&Panno // Boots: Mango // Bag: mom's

Oldie. This is kind of an old outfit (prior to the blog's creation) since I'm having a huge exam on wednesday and have to focus on studying... I promise I'll be back strong after that though! I looked for a college jacket like this for months and I was so SO glad when I found this one! I found it perfect. Do you like this kind of jackets? Let me know.


Editorial | Kate Moss Angel&Devil for W

(I must admit that even though I've been "Feeling dark", I prefer the Angel version!)


Outfit | Ops, I did it again.

Coat: mom's // Jeans: Levis // Shirt: Zara // Boots: Mango // Bag: Zara

Deja vu. Remember this outfit? And this inspiration board? Yeah, I did it again! I just love denim on denim, it looks so simple yet so interesting. Of course this is a much warmer version of my last try, since the cold doesn't seem to go away... In just a few days I have a surprise for you... giveaway anyone?! Stay tuned to know what it is!


Outfit | Feeling dark

Cardigan: H&M // Pants: Zara // Socks (this is a first!): H&M

Breaking the habit. Today's post is a little different... Since I'm still in my exams (actually I am just missing one: Anatomy!) I haven't been going out of my dear home at all. Therefore, my clothes have been much more confy and much less fashionable - as you can tell by my super thick socks, aren't they just great?!. So I thought: since I can't go out, why not doing a mini editorial like shoot here at home? and here is the result! It's a real basic outfit, all black, but I oved the final photos. What do you think? Would you like to see some more posts like these on the blog? Let me know!


Outfit | Just cosy

Coat: Zara || Sweater: Pull&Bear ||Jeans: Levis || Boots: Zara || Scarf: (I have no idea!)

Aviator jackets. And with today's outfit I present you my passion for aviator jackets. Love the, love them and oh, did I already tell you I LOVE them? (I only feel bad for not having found the perfect black leather jacket in this shape, it would be mine in a snap!) Anyway, this one has the advantage of being really warm, because I've been dawn cold. I begin to suspect I moved to a (much) higher latitude and I simply don't know about it. What's up with this freezing weather? My dear Lisbon used to be sunny and warm and that's how I like it, so please cold, if you're reading this, go away! How is the weather where you're from?

Eurowoman Denmark January 2012


Outfit | Blossomed background

Blazer: Zara || Sweater: Stefanel || Leggings: Zara || Boots: Etxart&Panno || Bag: Haiti

Flowers. And to carry on (a little of) this floral theme, here is an outfit shot partially against a wall filled with beautiful flowers... the scarf also reminds me of it, with all those bright colours in the middle of the neutral green(ish). Sometimes I feel bad for not having time to shoot better photos for the blog: mainly in better spots and with better light. But what can I say, life as a college student is hard, especially during exams, and I'm doing the best I can. I hope you like it anyway!


Outfit | Ferry

Coat: Zara || Dress: Love || Hat: H&M || Flats: mom's

Puffy jacket. It's been freezing here in Lisbon, so I decided to wear my super warm sheep coat! I confess I hate cold, but I hate rain even more so I have been happy with this cold yet sunny weather. Also, it is a good thing that is freezing cold outside because that way I don't feel tempted to go outside too much, as I really have to study. (Oh, and did you noticed it is very much alike this outfit I didn't wear outside. Yeah, I decided to jut go with it!) Anyway, hope you like it.


My portrait.

(Thought it went well with the last post mood!)

Old fashion magazines.


Outfit | Green all over

Coat: my mom's || Pants: Zara || Boots: Pull&Bear

Oldies. Today I show you guys some old pictures, shoot around Christmas. My exams are getting closer so I won't be posting as much as usual, sorry... off to studying now!