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Outfit | Lace shorts

Sweater: H&M || Shorts: Oasap || Flats: mom's

Sunny and cold. Finally, I'm showing you my lace shorts from Oasap! I simply love them, and even though I think they look terrific with sweaters during the winter, they will look even better in the summer's heat. Since I wore this outfit to have lunch with my family I prefered to pair it with some black ballerinas, confortable and classic at the same time (and they are my mom's, how great is it that we wear the same number?!). So, do you like it?


Godies | New Oasap shorts

(see them here)

Outfit | We are golden

Shirt: Zara || Pants: Zara || Boots: Mango || Necklace: Vintage

Party time. Just an outfit I wore to a party, shot very quickly in my backyard (again). I promise my next looks will have decent backgrounds again. Anyway, it's better than nothing I guess!


Inspiration board | Burgundy

Inspiration board | Portuguese style IV

Outfit | If I lived in Paris

Coat: Zara || Shorts: Bershka || Boots: Mango || Bag: Zara || Hat: H&M

Impossible desires. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else. In a fashion capital, where I could wear what I felt like without getting any funny looks on the streets. But by now I'm still living in my beloved Lisbon, so looks like this are just ideas in my head. Yeah that's right, this is the first look I post here that I haven't worn out.. this photos were taken some days ago when I had nothing to do, I'm sorry about the setting not being that great. What do you think?


Elie Saab Haute Couture S/S 12

Personal favourite. Elie Saab is my favourite designer, his clothes are dreamy! These are my favourite dresses from his new couture collection. To see the whole show click on the video and to see photos of the collection click the link.

Inspiration board | Mint


Outfit | I'm usually not this grungy

Sweater: Zara || Dress: H&M || Boots: Pull&Bear

Change. As you might have noticed my style tend to be a bit more basic and polished, but once in a while I like to try some new things. The one when I put this outfit together was definitly one of those days. Layering a sweater with a maxi dress was something I had seen many times in fashion blogs and that always manage to caught my eye... so here is my version of it. Do you like it?


Outfit | Double leo

Camisola: Pull&Bear || Calças: Zara || Botas: Mango || Casaco: Bershka || Mala: Zara || Lenço: H&M

Mixing prints. Hi! A very quick post just to keep the blog updated... I don't usually like to see two leopard prints in one outfit but in this one I thought it looked quite well.


Outfit | Flowers

Sweater: Vintage || Skirt: Vintage || Shoes: mom's

I'm back. Hey! After some days of being sick in the beggining of the week I was feeling better already and, as I had nothing to do, I decided to take some pictures! I'm sorry if quality isn't the best though. I'm wearing the sweater and skirt I found on my grandparent's trunks, so the look didn't cost me a dime! Do you like it?

Inspiration board | Colour

Inspiration board | Total black


Outfit | I'm in love

Dress: LOVE || Boots: Mango || Belt: Vintage

Sunny. It is a beautiful day here is Lisbon and so i just had to take some photographs in the sun. Therefore, as promised, I present you here the dress Love sent me. Since I saw it on Bethany from Snakes Nest I've been totally obsessed with it. I think the cut is beautiful and now that I have it on my hands I can assure you: the fabric is great and the flow is simply fantastic. So, do you "love" it? (Ahah, bad joke, I know!)


Outfit | Zebra feelings

Sweater: Mango || Skirt: Rada Priya || Boots: Mango || Bag: Cortefiel

I don't break promises. Now that I'm a bit better from my cold, I went outside to take some pictures... and so here is the outfit I promissed in my last post! I am wearing a skirt from Rada Priya, you should definitely check out her online store. Not only is she a great designer, she is such a sweet girl that when I told her i loved this skirt she sent me one. I really liked it over the net and it sure didn't let me down in person, it is so light! I believe it is more of a summer skirt, but I just had to make a winter outfit with it to show you.

Goodies | Bottoms

Package: Love || Skirt: Rada Priya || Shorts: Vintage || Skirt: Vintage

Lattest news. This post is meant to show you some stuff that landed in my closet, and the best part is that it didn't cost me a dime! The purple skirt and the yellow shorts came straight from my grandparent's trunk this Christmas. I love the pastel tone of the shorts, a thousand outfits for Spring are already in my mind! The skirt was a gift from the australian designer Rada Priya (you will see it in an outfit in a minute). and the package... la la la, it is a dress sent to me by Love! Curious to know which one? Stay tuned.

Inspiration board | Portuguese style III

Vanessa do Pure Lovers


Outfit | Flashback

Sweater: H&M || Pants: Zara || Sandals: Cortefiel || Bag: Etxart&Panno

Oldies. I have been sick and therefore I cannot go outside and take pictures, but I leave you here an outfit from some time ago (when the weather was still nice, how I miss those days!). I hope you like it.


Outfit | Monocromatic tones

Sweater: Vintage || Leggings: Zara || Boots: Benetton

Laziness. Today's post is a casual outfit for confortable days (like the ones now, in which I mainly stay at home studying)! I must admit I've always been a fan of monocromatic colour combinations, I think it gives a beautiful clean look... As for the pictures of this outfit in particular (and I'm sorry for the following lack of modesty, but I had to share this), they remind me so much of a UGG commercial. I absolutely love them!


Personal | One

(photo from this post)

A month of blogging, with 41 posts. 122 followers. 260 comments. Almost 4300 page views.
Thanks everyone, you make me smile everyday!

MUm mês de blog, com 41 posts. 122 seguidores. 260 comentários. Quase 4300 visualizações.
Obrigada a todos, fazem-me sorrir todos os dias!


Outfit | Nowhere in particular

Denim jacket: Vintage || Skirt: Borrowed || Boots: Mango

Happy birthday. My blog is officially a month old and I'm very happy! Anyway, I took these pictures some time ago and I don't even know why I hadn't showed them to you before, I love them! I was thrilled when, in the Summer, I discovered that short people (like me) can also wear maxi skirts/dresses without looking like a goblin... and in this particular case I paired it with an old denim jacket I brought from my grandparent's trunks. Do you like it? Leave a comment and tell me about it!

Inspiration board | Femininity

Inspiration board | Portuguese style I


Goodies | Gamila Secret

(This is not a sponsered post)

Wonder soap. And following so many photoshop posts, I write now to tell you about this little wonder for our skin (and no, it doesn't envolve editing!): the Gamila soap. It is a miraculous line of soaps with various kinds for all types of skin (mine is Gamila Geranium, for oily skin, but there are Gamilas for atopic, dry, with acne, etc.). Only two week after I started using it, I assure you my skin was already much smoother and less shiny. Each soap costs about 20€ but I have been tol by my cousin it lasts very long (she has had her's for a whole year!). In Portugal you can get one at Perfumes&Companhia, I'm sorry but I don't know where they sell them in the rest of the world. I really advise you to try it.

Inspiration | Inspirational add

(original here)

"This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty."

This is so beautiful, I just had to share. This goes out to all girls and women out there who compare themselves to perfect photoshopped girls who don't even exist!

Inspiration board | Neon

(I must say that I love this trend. How about you, have you made up your mind about it?)


Outfit | I guess I really am Miss Tangerine

Coat: Zara || Boots: Pull&Bear || Scarf: Parfois || Bag: Zara

Rusty orange. A quick post just to show you an outfit with this amazing coat. I threw it together with this orange scarf, which colour I simply love... it goes with everything! anyway, I'm going to college now. I hope you like it!


Outfit | Vintage sweater

Sweater: Vintage || Pants: Bershka || Boots: Zara kids

Standing on a pile of wood. I'm passing by just to show you this outfit that I wore around Christmas time (how I miss that break!). This sweater was another great finding in the old trunks of my grandparent's house (I also found this little cardigan), aparently it was my dad's when he was young... and now it is mine! It has the most cute pattern, I love it. And you, how do you feel about it? Let me know.


Press | Featured in Springfield's jeans blog.

Goodies | Knit sweaters

Blue cardigan: Metro Kids || White sweater: Vintage || Beige sweater: Vintage || Pattern sweater: Vintage

Oldies. I decided to show you the little wonders I discovered in the old trunks at my grandparent's house this Christmas holidays. Some of it you have already seen combined in outfits here on my blog, the others you will see most briefly for sure!
Velharias. Decidi fazer um destes posts para vos mostrar as maravilhas que desencantei dos baús de casa dos meus avós estas férias de Natal. Alguns já viram em alguns conjuntos aqui no blog, outros verão muito brevemente!


Outfit | Enchanted woods

Coat: Zara || Pants: Zara || Boots: Mango || Bag: Zara || Scarf: Accessorize

Magic. Since the festive season is coming to an end I thought about closing it with an outfit shot near one of my favourite Christmas lights of all time... this red tree was right in the center of London's Square and, in my opinion, it gives a magical feeling to the place. As for the clothes, you can see the coat and bag I bought in sale!


Inspiration board | Fur II

Inspiration board | Fur I

Outfit | Same shirt: Day&Night

Shirt: Zara || Jeans: Primark || Shoes: Zilian || Backpack: Blanco || Ring: Parfois

Shirt: Zara || Pants: Zara || Boots: Mango || Clutch: from a magazine

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The exact same shirt in two different occasions: the first one while going for a walk in a late September afternoon and the second one in my best friend eighteen birthday dinner. This really goes to show you don't need a lot of clothes, you can reuse the one's you own to multiple ocasions!


Outfit | Add a little colour

Cardigan: Metro Kids || Denim Shirt: Zara || Leggings: Zara || Boots: Etxart&Panno || Clutch: Massimo Dutti

Colour brightens up my day. I hope everything is going well with all of you... I'm beginning my exams in college in like two weeks, so I really have to set my mind into studying hard! However, today was still not the day, so I went for a walk and took these photos to show you my outfit. Believe it or not, this little baby blue sweater was mine some years ago (I was 12, I think) and I loathed it... until this Christmas break I found it again in an old trunk and gave it a new home.


Outfit | And it was all yellow

Sweater H&m || Pants: Zara || Shoes: Zilian || Bag: H&m || Necklace: Handicraft

Shirt: Mother's hand-me-down || Jeans: Pull&Bear || Shoes: Stradivarius || Bag: Bimba&Lola

Old feelings. Today I show you two looks previous to this blog's creation, as I had already did here. I put them togheter simply because they are both yellow, which is a colour I love to wear... especially when I'm tanned, which  unfortunately does not happen to be the case these days (I miss the beach!). Anyway, I hope you enjoy them.


Outfit | Golden afternoon

Dress: Custom made

Fantasy field. I hope your new year's eve was amazing, mine certainly was! And because I didn't take any good pictures that night, I present you now another festive outfit. I had this dress made for my graduation party... I find it very beautiful, it was made from a sari (indian women's typical clothes). Let me know what you think about it in the comment section!

Personal | 2012!!

Bom ano novo!! Espero que 2012 vos traga tudo o que desejam!


Happy new year!! I hope 2012 brings you everything you wish for!!