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Travel | Budapest, Hungary

A complete surprise. I admit that this city took me by complete surprise. I did not know what to expect and when I got there I was shocked by the beautiful arquitecture, the lively streets and the most wonderful people ever! Wished I could have stayed there longer... I guess I'll just have to come back someday :)


Travel | Wien, Austria

Peaceful. This is the best way to describe the city of Wien. Even thought it is Austria's capital, it's just so calm and peaceful: the people are nice, the streets are clean, the noises are quite... Except for the beautiful classic music that can be heard everywhere!

Press | Featured in Style Lovely

I was very happy when I found out I was featured in Style Lovely (spanish fashion website),
as one of the best fashion bloggers in Portugal! It feels so good to see my work acknowledged! :)
Fiquei muito contente quando descobri que estava no Style Lovely, como uma
das melhores bloggers de Portugal! Sabe muito bem ver o nosso trabalho reconhecido! :)


Outfit | Leather and denim

Leather jacket: Zara || Denim shirt: Zara || Pants: Zara || Heels: SoYouShoes || Bag: Jo Totes

The it item. Remember my crave for the perfect black leather jacket here? Well, I'm more and more convinced I found it. I had already showed it to you in this outfit a few days ago and here I am again today. I can't stop wearing it... It just gives me this great feeling, actually quite similar to what love should be: when you find the right one you don't feel the need to keep looking for other possibilities. And oh boy, did I find the right one! :)


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Leather and denim

Leather jacket + Denim shirt: Zara

The days are getting colder... So may the layering begin!
It's my favourite way to do Autumn fashion.
E como os dias estão a ficar mais frios... Que comecem as camadas!
A meu ver, a grande chave da moda de Outono.


Outfit | Cotton candy

Knitwear: Zara || Pants: Lavish Alice (get them here) || Heels: Etxart&Panno || Bag: Florence leather market || Watch: Triwa

Taking risks. I feel like nowadays people have a fear of taking risks - myself included. From a young age we are told that there is no such thing as being too safe... Well, I think there is, especially fashion wise. Now and then it is good to try something new, otherwise we get stuck in the same kind of outfits over and over again! So, after choping my hair off (which was kind of a major risk), I decided to take a chance on these Lavish Alice pants. Hit or miss? Let me know what you think!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Tie dye pants

Pants: Lavish Alice (get them here) || Watch: Triwa || Shirt: Zara

Tomorrow's outfit will feature these pants from Lavish Alice.
The print is such a bold statement that it's a bit hard to combine,
but I love it so much... Plus, they fit like a glove!
O conjunto de amanhã vai contar com estas calças da Lavish Alice.
O padrão é tão chamativo que se torna até um pouco difícil de combinar,
mas acho tão giro... O melhor? Assentam que nem uma luva!


Editorial | Waiting for a train

Dress: Westrangs || Heels: Etxart&Panno || Hat: H&M

I've always loved train stations' atmosphere: chaotic, crowded and a bit misterious.
With everyone coming and going, minding their own lives.
So today I'm showing some editorialish shots, inspired by trains!
Sempre adorei a atmosfera das estações de comboio: caóticas e um tanto misteriosas.
Com tanta gente em idas e vindas, embrenhada nas suas próprias vidas.
Por isso hoje mostro-vos umas fotografias meias editorial, inspiradas em comboios!

Inspiration board | Fall wishes

These are my wishes for fall: camel, black, oxblood for colours;
plaid and animal for prints; and a good leather jacket for the it item.
Estes são os meus planos para este Outono: camel, preto e bordeaux para cores;
xadrez e animais para padrões; e um bom casaco de cabedal como peça.


Outfit | Girly touch

Shirt: Vintage || Lace vest: Blanco || Shorts: Roxy || Sandals: Cortefiel || Backpack: Blanco || Sunglasses: Westrangs || Watch: Triwa

Breaking through tough times. Today I want to talk to you about how you can reinvent your wardrobe (without DIY, but they're always a great idea as well!). Everyone knows that times aren't really easy economically and so it always comes in handy to do so... See the "vest" I'm wearing? Well, it is actually a top (I worn it here as such, remember?). It kinda looks god damn good either way, doesn't it? And to have this idea saved me a good 20 euros in a new vest. So go ahead: turn your clothes the other way around, upside down, inside out... Trying is the key word, you might get yourself a "new" piece!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Retro sunglasses

Sunglasses: Westrangs || Watch: Triwa via Blogger's Wardrobe

The other day I realised I never wore sunglasses on my outfit posts...
So I thought this pair by Westrangs was perfect to start!
See the whole outfit tomorrow :)
Há uns dias reparei que nunca uso óculos de sol nos meus outfit posts...
Portanto decidi inaugurar com este par da Westrangs!
Vejam o conjunto completo amanhã :)


Travel | Prague, Czech Republic

Cosmopolitan & sunny. That was the impression Prague left on my mind: lots of sun, lots of people and lots of movement. It's a gorgeous city that concentrates many differente periods in the same spaces, which I find fascinating. Read more to find out about this great city!


Outfit | Twirling around

Dress: Surgalips (get it here) || Jacket: Zara || Heels: Zara || Bag: Jo Totes

Feeling good. First of all let me just thank all of you who complimented me on my new hair, you are all too kind! Not to be conceited, but I do feel great now that I had the courage to chop it off... plus, it's so much lighter and easier to maintain (don't even get me started on how it takes five minutes to wash and dry)!
To celebrate this new me I chose to wear this amazing snake print dress by Sugarlips and spent the whole time twirling around in it: it's so bouncy! To toughen the look a bit I paired it with a leather jacket I got from Zara a few days ago and a big bag by Jo Totes... Have I mentioned this is actually a full equipped camera bag? I'll have to do a full post about it: it's just perfect to carry your bag, the stylish way!


Preview of tomorrow's post | Tough girl

Leather jacket: Zara || Dress: Sugarlips (get it here)

To break off the overgirly feel of this amazing Sugarlips dress I decided to
pair it with a black leather jacket (finally found one that fits me right!).
Who's curious to see it?
Para quebrar o ar demasiado "menininha" deste vestido da Sugarlips decidi conjugá-lo
com um casaco de cabedal preto (finalmente encontrei um que me assenta bem!).
Quem está curioso para ver?


Personal | New haircut

Change is good.
Everyone told me: don't do it, don't chop off your hair! But the truth is I was feeling like it.
After all change is a constante in life... and it feels so good once in a while!
Mudar é bom.
Todos me disseram para não o fazer. Mas a verdade é que me estava a apetecer.
Afinal a mudança é uma constante da vida... e sabe tão bem de vez em quando!

Travel | Salzburg, Austria

The hills are alive. When, in The Sound of Music, they sing about the hills around Salzburg being alive, they are not kidding: you really do feel overwhelmed by the grandiosity of the nature that's surrounding you in that place! The city itself is every bit as endearing... click on see more to find out!


Outfit | Summer longing

Shirt: Sheinside || Bikini: H&M

Summer season is ending. And that is why I bring you photos from the beach today: to say goodbye (more like see you next year!). Tomorrow university is back and it brings along the daily studying routine... Well, I guess it is necessary, Summer couldn't go on forever. At least it was one hell of a Summer! - speaking of which, there will be more interail posts soon. P.S.: My hair suffered a major cut, I'll show you tomorrow! By major I do mean MAJOR!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | In the beach

Tomorrow's post will be my official goodbye to Summer with a beach outfit!
(My classes start on Monday, blah!)
O conjunto de amanhã vai ser na praia, em jeito de despedida ao Verão!
(As minhas aulas começam Segunda, blah!)

Inspiration | Inspirational add II

(Original here)

When my blog was just starting I posted this amazing add reminding girls that not everything we see in the media is real... And thought it was about time to do it again! Please learn to accept and love yourself the way you are, because you are beautiful no matter what!!
Quando o meu blog estava ainda no início mostrei-vos este espectacular anúncio a lembrar todas as raparigas que nem tudo o que vemos nos media é real... E estava na altura de o fazer novamente! Temos que nos aceitar e gostar de nós próprios, afinal "se eu não gostar de mim, quem gostará?!"


Outfit | One of the boys

T-shirt: Oasap (find it here) || Jeans: H&M man || Heels: Florence leather market || Backpack: Camel Active

Boyfriend jeans. Well actually they are my brother's, but you get the idea. This lovely pair was about to leave my home because they don't fit my brother anymore so I thought I would try them on, just in case. Guess what? They did fit and now are hanging happily in my closet! ... I love a happy ending, don't you? That being said, I thought I would pair the more boyish jeans and t-shirt with some heels to create a cool contrast and was pretty happy with the result. Do you like it? Let me know!


Preview of tomorrow's post | Red heels

Heels: Florence leather market

Today I'm leaving you with a shot of the beautiful shoes I brought from Italy...
And now I'm leaving for Vogue's Fashion Night Out in Lisbon. Who's going?
Hoje deixo-vos com as sandálias que trouxe da minha viagem a Itália...
E agora ala para a Fashion's Night Out em Lisboa! Quem vai?


Outfit | Prison break

T-shirt: H&M || Pants: Sheinside || Sandals: Cortefiel || Bag: Zara || Ring: H&M

Sudden trends. I have a slight problem with trends: when they show up really suddenly I normally don't like them. At least at first. It happened with animal prints, neon and more recently stripped pants. A while ago ago they showed up everywhere and to be honest I didn't pay them much attention... But when I saw these I thought I would give them a chance and I'm glad I did, because they really do much for a girl's figure (making you look taller and skinnier!). What about you, do you immediately follow trends or do you need time to let them grow into you?


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Stripes

Pants: Sheinside

Now that the stripped pants "fever" has passed I thought I'd finally give them a chance.
Do you like this time of pants? Let me know!
Agora que a febre das calças às riscas passou pensei dar-lhes uma hipótese.
Gostam deste modelo? Contem-me tudo!


Travel | Munchen, Germany

Cars and Technology. This is basically what I remember from my stay in Munich... One of my friends is crazy about cars and therefore we got a full lesson on how amazing the cars driving down the street were - like, every minute! Continue reading to find out what I did during my time in this german reborn city. (Meanwhile, have you checked out my lastest look?)


Oufit | Neon touch

T-shirt: Westrangs || Jeans: Zara || Jacket: Vintage || Sandals: SoYouShoes || Bag: Zara || Necklace: H&M 

Transition. I love the time of the year when the truly hot days are already gone but it isn't cold yet. It allows you to truly express yourself though fashion, since you can comfortably wear jeans with sandals, knits with shorts, dresses with jackets and so on... so many combinations that aren't normally weather appropriate! That being said, I decided to pair this Soyoushoes sandals to a more fallish outfit and to bling it up (yes, some of you got it right!) I wore the gorgeous H&M neon necklace. It's quite something, isn't it? I'm so glad I got my hands on it at last!


Preview of tomorrow's post | It's (not) all about the shoes

Sandals: SoYouShoes

Tomorrow's look will feature these gorgeous babies,
as well as a neon H&M piece everyone was dying to get...
Can you guess what it is?
O conjunto de amanhã vai contar com estas maravilhosas sandálias,
bem como com uma peça neon da H&M muito concorrida e que reapareceu...
Adivinham qual é?


Outfit | Summer spirit

Shirt: Sheinside (buy it here) || Shorts: Re-Vintage Clothing || Sandals: Westrangs || Rings: Oasap (buy them here) || Bag: Florence leather market

Longing. I must admit that even though my Summer was a dream come true, I missed the blog quite a lot. Especially the outfit posts, since I love all the process behind them: shooting, editing, posting and then reading your amazing feedback of course! So all I have to say right now is: hurray for the comeback of outfit posts!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | The comeback

Shirt: Sheinside (buy it here) || Rings: Oasap (buy them here and here)

After a long absence, the outfit posts are back! I must admit I missed it already.
Meanwhile, why don't you check out my trip to Brussels and/or Bruges?
Depois de uma longa ausência, eles estão de volta! Admito que já tinha saudades.
Entretanto, porque não espreitam a minha viagem a Bruxelas e/ou Bruges?

Travel | Bruges, Belgium

Out of a fairytale. This is how I felt strolling along the little streets in Bruges... the whole city just looks like the setting of a Disney movie! The amazing shades of green, the light, the waterways: it all contributes to create a great atmosphere and make you feel like a princess. If I had anything bad to say it would be that it is a bit too touristy for my taste, but I enjoyed visiting anyway.


Travel | Brussels, Belgium

First stop. Finally, here it is: the first post about my interail! Since you showed interest in learning more about my trip, I decided to divide my experience by city... so today I'm only sharing the pictures I took in Brussels. Hope you like them! 
P.S.: For those of you who like the "normal" outfit posts, don't worry, they will be back shortly!


Personal | Back again

Just finished my interail today and I'm back for good!
I can't really believe it has been a whole month since I left.... I have so much to show tell you!
As a sneek peak, here is one of my favourite pictures, taken in the English garden in Munich.
Acabei o meu interail hoje e portanto estou de volta aqui ao blogue!
Nem acredito que um mês passou tão rápido... e que tenho tanto para vos mostrar contar!
Para começar, mostro uma das minhas fotografias preferidas, tirada no jardim Inglês em Munique.

E entretanto, contem-me tudo sobre o que se tem passado... vivi este mês praticamente debaixo de uma pedra no que toca a moda/blogues e preciso de me actualizar!