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Outfits | April's outfits

Not dressed for the weather. These are the looks I showed you during this month... And in very few I am dressed for the dreadfull weather that has been bugging us here is Lisbon! That has mainly to do with my craving for Summer... So please, let May be sunny and warm! Do you have any favourites? Let me know!


Press | Featured in Just Another Fashion Magazine

Remember this look?
Well, it got featured in Just Another Fashion Magazine, which is an online magazine for Ipad.
If you are interested, you can download the app here.


Outfit | Waiting for better days

Cardigan: H&M || Pants: Zara || Flats: Primark || Scarf: Parfois || Bag: Zara || Watch: Swatch || Pulseira: Damselfly

Too much going on. First of all let me say I am really sorry for the lack of posting lately, it's just that I have so many things to do these days and so little time to do them. Basically, I had a big gymnastics presentation last Thursday (I think I might post the video later, so you can see me and my team perform), I had a party in my old school yesterday and I have a big exam next week... that I really should be studying for! Anyway, couldn't resist to share this pictures with you. I took them a few days ago, when I went to Rossio's train station (such a beautiful place!). As for the outfit, I have to plead guilty for stealing my brother's favourite watch, it's so cool!


Personal | Twitter account!

Just wanted to let you know I created a twitter account... you can follow me here!


Outfit | Party in the back

Shirt: Stradivarius // Jeans: Pull&Bear // Boots: Zara // Handbag: Massimo Dutti

Belém tower. Today I went to one of my favourite places in Lisbon: Belém tower, which used to be a fort that played a part in the defense system of Tagus' river. If you ever get the chance to come to my city, you really do have to see this beautiful area and its wonderful architecture (meanwhile you can look at some of the pictures I posted!)... As for the outfit, the days have been quite grey and windy here in Lisbon, so I can't really proceed to Spring fashion yet... However, this is a step towards it since I'm not wearing a big puffy jacket. Iei! :)


Press | Exciting news!

Remember this post where I told you about a fantastic online community called Blogger's Wardrobe, saying I applied to be part of their familiy? Well guess what? I GOT IN!! :D I can't really express how excited I am about it, but I can tell you this: it is the beginning of something great! I just got launched today, you can see my presentation on their website by clicking here and my Q&A interview by clicking here.


Outfit | A touch of colour

Jeans: Zara // Bag: Zara // Heels: Primark

Pink. I've always had a thing with pink. When I was little it was my absolute favourite colour: I wore it a lot, it was my favourite crayon colour, my bedroom was really pink (ok, it still has pink all over it!)... well, you get the idea. However, as I got older I started to leave this colour aside. I think it's time to change that, I'll give pink another chance! What about you? What's your relation with this colour?!


Outfit | Basics can be fun

Leather jacket: Primark // T-shirt: Primark // Jeans: Pull&Bear // Flats: Primark // Scarf: Primark // Bag: Etxart&Panno

New stuff. So this outfit basically puts together the new pieces I bought over the last few weeks... the jacket, the scarf, the ballerinas, even the t-shirt is new! I love doing basic casual looks like this one, it's just so confortable and elegant at the same time... of course, the red lipstick added something to the elegant part I think :) School work is finally getting a little more dense, so I guess I'll go study now. Don't forget about the giveaway here and the questions&answers post here.


Personal | 50000 views!

"Miss Tangerine" just hit 50000 views today! I guess Friday the 13th didn't brind bad luck after all...
So, I decided to do something I saw here: it's a questions and answers post!
You can ask anything you are curious to know about me and I'll answer it... so ask away! :)


O "Miss Tangerine" atingiu 50000 visitas hoje! Pelos vistos a sexta-feira 13 não trouxe azar...
Assim sendo, decidi fazer um post que vi aqui e que achei óptima ideia: perguntas e respostas!
Cuidados de beleza, hobbies, coisas preferidas...
perguntem o que quiserem nos comentários e eu respondo! :)


Outfit | H&M bathing suit

Bathing suit: H&M || Shorts: Oasap


Outfit | The classic (ninja) pants

Sweater: Scorpion // Pants: Zara // Boots: Mango // Bag: Etxart&Panno

Deja vu. Remember this post, where I told you these black pants make me feel like a ninja? Well, I found out they can be just as elegant as they can be funky! Paired with some camel acessories they look so classic don't you think? Quick P.S.: I'm really hoping this is my last "warm" outfit, I'm getting really sick of cold!

Inspiration board | Elegance



This post is dedicated to telling you about a great project that is getting launched this early Summer: Atelier-To-Go. It is a new shopping website, woman-founded, that promises to give users a very personalized shopping experience. For instance: it allows you to try on outfits on a virtual model based on your body shape and size. Isn't that great? I almost worry that the clothes won't look as good on me as they do online so this will help.. This is definitely a project to keep in mind: but don't worry, I'll let you know all the news!


Outfit | Aubergine

Sweater: Primark || Shorts: H&M || Flats: Primark || Bag: Longchamp

A touch of colour. So I decided to wear first the shorts by H&M... I find them so practical and chic, I'll be wearing them a lot for sure! Since the outfit was quite plain, I carried the printed bright bag to add some life to it. So, do you like it? I wish you all a great Easter day!


Previw of tomorrow's outfit | H&M shorts

Goodies | Shorts

Yellow shorts: Vintage // Brown shorts: H&M // Flower shorts: Zara

Shorts. These pieces really complement the shirts I showed you on my last post. You can basically throw two of them together and it looks great no matter what! Also, one of these shorts will be featured in my next look... can you guess which?


Goodies | Shirts

Yellow top: Zara // White tshirt: Ana Sousa // Mint tshirt: Primark // Bathing suit: H&M

Getting ready for Summer. These four pieces are my most recent adictions to face the hot days this year... The yellow one looks great on, the white one was my mother's and the mint one was bought at Primark for only 3€! As for the bathing suit, it is the black version of the neon green bathing suit that buzzes the net: I'm telling you, it looks classy!

Inspiration board | Light mint


Outfit | Urban jungle

Jumper: Sugarlips || Flats: Primark || Cardigan: Pull&Bear || Bag: Cortefiel

Sugarlips romper. I have to admit, I was never much of a fan of tribal prints. However, when I saw this piece from Sugarlips I fell in love... it is just so easy-going, perfect for sunny summer days. The detail on the neckline is also a great touch.
Right now I am just enjoying my vacations, doing absolutely nothing productive... it just feels so good! So what have you guys been up? Do you like this little piece? If you do you should definitely check out their  website, all of their clothes are so original!


Previw of tomorrow's outfit | Sugarlips romper

Sugarlips just sent me this wonderful romper... excited to see it?