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Outfits | March's outfits

Blues and beiges. I guess those were the colours that I wore most this month. Also, let's not forget the photoshoot with Fashion in a Box. So, any favourite?

Sheinside gave you a present.


Outfit | Fashion in a Box IV

Dress: Stefanel // Shoes: Zara // Make up: Smoky // Photos: Jéssica Silva

White dress. And speaking of white dresses (on my last inspiration board here), I thought it would be a great occasion to show you the last shots from my photoshoot with Fashion in a Box. White and red are just quite the combination, don't you think?


Outfit | A sailor in the beach

Shirt: Pull&Bear || Sweater: Zara || Pants: Zara

Beach at last. And finally I got to go to the beach! It has been rather warm around here and so it was perfect to go to this wonderful place: sensing the hot sand on my feet, smelling the salt in the water and feeling the sun on my face. Isn't it the best place on Earth?
As for the outfit, as you can see I didn't wear a bikini (yet), but I was still very thematic with my striped shirt, reminding me of a sailor. So, do you like it? Have you been to the beach yourself lately? Let me know. 


Outfit | Fashion in a Box III

Dress: Blumarine // Earings: PedraLua // Shoes: Zara // Make up: Smoky // Photos: Jéssica Silva

Mint fever. And here are the third shots from my photoshoot with Fashion in a Box. They go well with the mint fever that has been going on this season. Don't know why, but this first one kind of makes me think of a cat... I really like it!

Inspiration board | Details


Press | What's in my bag?

Podem ler na entrevista que dei aqui!


Outfit | Tribal sweater

Sweater: Sheinside (link here) // Jeans: Primark // Flats: Primark // Coat: Zara // Bag: Gabs

+ Some orange lips. And here is the post I promised yesterday! I have to say I have the grey weather, but it was just perfect for wearing my brand new Sheinside sweater :) (I must say that the fitting and the fabric are amazing, they are now one of my favourite online stores!)
This weekend I really just rested, since I didn't have any work from college: shopping, couch and beach were the main activities... and I confess it almost felt like vacations. But I'm really looking forward to the real ones, since Spring break is almost here! And you, when are you going on vacation? Did you like the sweater and the outfit?


Outfit | Fashion in a Box II

Jumpsuit: Missoni // Make up: Smoky // Photos: Jéssica Silva

Colourfull stripes. And to cheer up this cold days a bit, I'm showing you the second outfit from my photoshoot with the Fashion in a Box team (and there are still two more to come!). Honestly I fell in love with this jumpsuit, but the price is simply prohibitive for me!


Outfit | Little riding hood, the modern version

Knit jacket: made by my grandmother // Jeans: Primark // Bag: Etxart&Panno // Boots: Etxart&Panno

Spring oficially begun. However the clothes I've been wearing have been everything but springish because cold has invaded Lisbon once again. Therefore, I'm showing an outfit from some weekends back, when I went visiting my family in Castelo Branco. The knited coat was made by my grandmother, and I feel sorry for not being able to wear it all that much this year, since it is really hot. It will have to wait for next year.
As a final note... Am I crazy for saying I felt a bit like a modern "Little Red Riding Hood", with the hood, the pale skin and the bright lips?

Brands | Blogger's Wardrobe


Outfit | Fashion in a Box I

Dress: DVF // Necklace: PedraLua // Shoes: Zara // Make up: Smoky // Photos: Jéssica Silva

Deep blue. And finally I'm showing you the first look from my photoshoot with Fashion in a Box (see their facebook page here). I loved these photos (especially the first one) but then again, it's me in them! Hehe anyway, I really hope you enjoy them too.


Outfit | Denim&Lace

Denim jacket: Vintage // Shorts: Oasap // Flats: Via Uno // Scarf: Vintage

Different ways. Hey there! Today I'm showing you an outfit I wore a couple of days ago, when the sun still shined... I was so happy that Spring was already beginning, but as it rained heavy here in Lisbon today I guess I will have to wait a bit more.
Anyway, I am finding out so many different ways to wear my lace shorts from Oasap (see them here). Remember the last time I showed them to you here, paired with a striped sweater? Well, this time I decided to pair them with denim and I loved it! What do you think?


Outfit | The power of DIY

Pants: Zara + DIY // Sweater: Metro Kids // Heels: Extart&Panno // Bag: Extart&Panno

Tie dye. And here are the pictures I announced on my last post! I really liked how the jeans turned out but, as someone mentioned, I don't find them the easiest item to pair: not just because of the colour by the DIY, but also because they have kind of a baggy feeling to them... however, I really liked this outfit in the end.
I wasn't thinking about making a post on how to do this DIY, but since so many of you asked I might take some photos to recreate it and therefore explain you. It's quite easy actually, I think you'll be amazed! Meanwhile yesterday I took part in a very exciting project that I am going to tell you about very soon, so stay tuned because I promise it will be worth it....


Outfit | Who said you can't wear Black&Brown?

Blazer: Zara // Pants: Zara // Sweater: Escorpion // Boots: Extart&Panno // Bag: Zara

Breaking the rules. Following my last inspiration board's mood, I wanted to show you my own aproach on combining black and brown together in the same outfit. Since I was little I remember people saying "you can't pair black with brown, it's one of the fashion rules"... But I say: what rules? Fashion is simply the way we present ourselfs, and it should reflect who we are and how we're feeling instead of some "rule book". So yeah, I wear black and brown together... and I like it.


Inspiration board | Black&Brown

(My take on Black&Brown tomorrow!)


Oufit | B&W + Pastel nails

Sweater: Vintage // Pants: Zara // Boots: Mango // Bag: Zara

Pastel trend. And to keep the pastel theme going, this time this colour pallet take over my nails - in yellow! I find original nails a great way to spice up a basic outfit. And since I have a very simple style (less is definitely more is my opinion, as you might have noticed by now!) I like to play up with this kind of details. So, what do you think? 

Giveaway | Clubcouture - winner!

E quem ganhou o giveaway da ClubCouture foi... Queen C! Perguntaste "how lucky is my luck?" e pelos vistos é mesmo muito sortuda! Adoro a saia que escolheste e espero que usufruas muito dela... Muitos parabéns!


Outfit | Does baby blue count as a pastel?

Cardigan: Metro Kids || Blouse: Zara || Shoes: B&W || Bag: Zara

It's oh so sunny. In a hot day (am I the only one who thinks the weather is kinda crazy these days?) I was looking at my closet and thinking: I don't own a single pastel item. But, after searching harder, I realized  actually do... and this baby blue cardigan is an example! If I can manage to work with the pieces I already have, I can get the same type of look without having to spend money on new clothes.
I think that nowadays the world tries to convince us that "the newer the better". However, if you try to work with what you've got you'll see you can get the same results wih past season's items... and why not even try some DIYs? I've been working on some, stay tuned because I'll showing them briefly! I hope to see you here when I do.


Outfit | Stripes

Sweater: H&M // Jeans: Primark // Boots: Etxart&Panno // Bag: Etxart&Panno

Versitility. And following the last Inspiration Board's mood I'm showing you my own stripped outfit! I love this sweater mainly because of it's versitily... it is warm enough to wear during cold days with a jacket on top but cold enough to wear on sunny winter days; it can be dressed down like this but it can easily be dressed up as well. Don't you just love pieces like that? It feels like one sweater turns into a thousand ones! Let me know what you thought by commenting... and don't forget to join the giveaway here!