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Outfits | May's outfits

Party VS Casual. So these were the outfits I published during May. This month there has been a real battle between my love for casual outfits (bottom line) and my determination for showing you a party series (upper line)... So, which style did you prefer? And do you have any favourite outfit? Let me know!


Outfit | The blues

Shirt: Zara & DIY // Shorts: Bershka // Denim jacket: Vintage // Ballerinas: mom's // Bag: Zara

Last lazy day. The day this shots were taken will probably be my last full-resting day in a while, at least until July when my exams are over! I went to lunch with some girlfriends (isn't that the best thing in the world?!) and therefore I wanted to keep my outfit casual and comfy... This DIY shirt was the perfect way to make it that tiny bit un-basic, don't you think? There is a ridiculous inconvenient to wearing this shirt, though (you'll laugh, for sure!): I got sunburnt only in the shoulders! Ahah, got to wear sunscreen the next time. Anyway, hope you liked it, let me know!


DIY | Off shoulder blouse

So today I'm showing you how you can do an off shoulder blouse all by yourself!
Plus, you'll get to see a look with it tomorrow!

Shop Miss Tangerine

Pois é, finalmente rendi-me a esta "moda" e criei uma loja do blogue.
Tem algumas peças muito giras, aconselho a darem uma espreitadela!


Outfit | White&Snakes

White shirt: Osap (find it here) // Shorts: Vintage // Wedges: Haiti // Bag: Haiti // Ear cuff: Oasap (find it here)

Total white. I have to admit that I love to wear white, especially in fresh summery looks. It gives such an angelical clean vibe to an outfit don't you think? I decided to pair this colour to some snake details: not only the bag has a snake print, but also I am wearing my new snake ear cuff (which I am totally in love with btw, it's such an original accessory)! Anyway, my final exams are getting closer and closer so I really have to concentrate on my studies, but I promise I'll try to keep the blog updated as much as possible... And I'm off to studying right now! Much love and hope you like it!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | White shirt

(White shirt: Oasap - Find it here)

Goodies | Oasap snake ear cuff

Ear Cuff: Oasap (Find it here)

Long lost desire. Ever since I saw one snake ear cuff on a tumblr image I have dreamt about having one for myself... However I thought it was one of those items that only tumblr beauties owned. Therefore, you can image my excitement when I found out Oasap had this one: I just had to order it! My hopes were very high and I must say it didn't let me down, it is the perfect original earing!


Outfits | The Party Series Finale

So, now that my party series is over is time to ask you: did you like it?
Which look was your favourite and why?
Let me know!


Outfit | The Party Series V

Dress: EtxartPanno // Denim jacket: Vintage // Heels: Zara // Bag: El Corte Ingles

Little [insert colour here] dress. So, my party series is finally over... and as a grande finale, I chose to show you the ultimate party basic: the short dress. This is the one I wore to my 18th birthday party and it is my absolute favourite dress. I just love the detailed neckline and how it is so figure flatering. Since the dress is really "wow" (if you know what I mean), I paired it with a denim jacket to create a more casual vibe. So, do you like it? Let me know!


Outfit | Secret garden

Velvet shirt: Zara // Shorts: Oasap (here) // Shoes: Sheinside (here) // Bag: Zara

Gulbenkian. These gardens are a paradise in the middle of busy Lisbon, I always find it so refreshing and calming to go there. This time I even got the luck to see some little ducklings (see pictures below, they're adorable!). Anyway, for this outfit I decided to do a mix of textures... the shirt is velvet, the shorts are lace and the shoes are studded (which is not actually a texture I think, but you know what I mean). I really liked the result, it's still casual but with an edge to it. I hope you like it!
P.S.: I was supposed to post my last Party Series look today, but it is raining cats and dogs so I won't be able to go shoot it... I'll post it next week, I promise!


Outfit | The Party Series IV

Top: Bathing suit from H&M // Pants: Zara // Heels: Zara // Clutch: Accessorize

Black&Red lips. And even though I showed you some alternatives to wearing black to parties, there is no question that this colour is a major party basic... And my favourite way to wear it is in total black looks with little details of colour. In this case, I paired a wide leg pants to my new H&M bathing suit (it makes quite a top, don't you think?!) and added some red lipstick and the sequin bag to cheer up the outfit. This party series is ending and so I wanted to ask you, is there anything you would like to see me styling? Let me know in the comments!


Outfit | The Party Series III

Top: Blanco // Skirt: Ariella from Rada Priya Designs // Clutch: Vintage // Heels: Blanco

Lace. After this little break, let's continue with the party series. And my third party basic has to be lace... Although I like it in black or colour as well, white lace is my favourite simply because it has a way of making me dream about feminine and romantic outfits like no other fabric can. Therefore, I decided to pair this top with some soft colours, particularly this magical white midi skirt: I just I love how it twirls when it catches to wind, and it makes such great photos! (About that, sorry for the photo overload, I couldn't decide!) So what do you think? Let me know!


Goodies | JC Tardy boots

Most amazing giveaway prize ever! I have known about this for a couple of weeks now but didn't want to tell you until I could show you... I won a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes in a giveaway! The giveaway host was With or Without Shoes (you should definitely check out her blog, she's a lovely girl!) and the shoes were provided by Au Revoir Cinderella. I was always whinning about how I never won anything but I have to tell you, this makes up for all of it! I could choose any JC shoes that were available at their online store, so I decided not to go with the Litas because they are getting a bit too mainstream... so after considering the Foxys and the Nightwalk, I thought these Blue Studded Tardy boots were perfect! What do you think?


Outfit | Give me a break

T-shir: Zara // Pants: Zara // Studded loafers: Sheinside (here) // Bag: Vintage

Old habits stick around. I know I was doing a party series, but this week my Sheinside studded loafers got here and they are just way too cute not to post a look with them!... And I missed casual looks, I admit. As for the shoes, they are the most confortable ones you'll ever have on your feet, and they can take any basic outfit to another level. In this one, I decided to go with kind of a "war" theme, pairing them with an army green loose t-shirt and a printed vintage bag that has a military badge. Do you like it? Let me know.


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Sheinside loafers

Today's look will feature these beauties from Sheinside.
Yes, I know I was doing a Party Series.... Oh well, I guess I just love casual way too much!
(Don't worry, it will go on next week!)


Outfit | The Party Series II

Shirt: Zara // Skirt: Oasap (here) // Heels: Etxart&Panno // Bag: Magazine gift

Sequins. My second party basic has to be sequins... they have just enough sparkle to give that party mood to an outfit, don't you think? That being said, I stayed away from the colour black again and prefered to go with some neutrals instead. Oh, and did you noticed the one side tuck-in? I'm finding it to be a major trend right now and I love it!


Outfit | The Party Series I

Top: Oasap (here) // Skirt: Vintage // Shoes: Thrifted // Bag: Massimo Dutti // Bracelet: Damselfly

Colour blocking. Finally, I'm showing you the outfit with the oasap orange chiffon top. The reason I kept it such a secret is because I think it's quite an enexpected combination... I decided to colour block it with some purple skirt and accesories! Which brings me to my next surprise: I'm doing a series on party outfits! I've noticed the blog has so much casual wear, that I decided to glam it up a bit, so during the next couple of weeks you'll see some outfits that I consider party basics. So, "is colour blocking a party basic?", you ask me... well it kind of is: you know how everyone wears black at parties? One way to stand out for sure is to go colour all the way!
So, do you like it? What do you think of these series? And... what are your party basics? Let me know!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Oasap top

(I think you'll be quite surprised about how I matched this oasap top, so don't miss it tomorrow!)


Goodies | Oasap

Top: Oasap (here) // Skirt: Oasap (here)

Summer mode. My package from oasap arrived earlier this week but I still hadn't had the opportunity to show you the pieces... I chose a chiffon orange top with a really cute hem line and a sequin skirt that is perfect for Summer parties. I already shot looks with both this pieces, they should be up later this week, so keep an eye open for that!


Outfit | (Denim is) Stuck in my head

Shirt: Zara || Shorts: Vintage&DIY || Jacket: Cortefiel || Shoes: Zara || Bag: Vintage

DIY shorts. I have always wanted to have a pair of these studded shorts, so one day I thought I could just make some... so I took some old pair of jeans and here they are! Shorts really have been kind of my uniform lately, I am so tired of hiding my legs in pants every single day... Summer, why don't you please come fast? :)

Preview of today's outfit | DIY shorts


Outfit | Flowers

Tshirt: Primark || Shorts: Zara || Cardigan: H&M || Boots: Mango || Bag: Primark

Natural ombré. While I was editing these pictures I noticed my hair has naturally assumed a light ombré feeling to it... I guess it must have been because it got lighter during last Summer and I have been growing it out ever since. Anyway, I kinda like it. As for the outfit, I really wanted to make it all about the shorts and I think I managed to. I really wanted the hot weather back so I can lose the collants though!