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Outfits | October outfits

Variety in styles, sameness in pieces. This month there has been a lot of variety on the outfit pots, don't you agree?? From the grungy 4 to the ladylike 7, the casual 3 to the party look 8... Even a Halloween look: that's a first! Also, notice that I wore several pieces twice: bag in 2&3, shirt in 3&8, pants in 5&6 and shoes in 4&9... this is something I consider more and more essential in our economic situation: it's all about taking advantage of your good-old pieces instead of buying new ones! Any favourite? Let me know!
Variedade em estilos, igualdade em peças. Este mês houve toda uma variedade de estilos aqui pelo blogue, não acham?? Desde o mais grungy 4 ao senhoril 7, do casual 3 ao festivo 8... Até um conjunto de Halloween: uma estreia! Mas reparem que variedade de estilos não implica variedade de peças: estou a usar a mesma carteira no 2&3, camisola no 3&8, calças no 5&6 e sapatos no 4&9... para mim, isto é cada vez mais essencial na conjuntura económica actual: temos que saber tirar partido das peças que temos e não comprar outras novas desenfreadamente! Dito isto, algum conjunto favorito?

Outfit | Ursula for Halloween

Top: H&M bathing suit || Skirt: DIY || Wig: Self styled long black wig

Since tonight is Halloween I'm showing you some shots I made for the contest!
The make up and the styling of the wig took a lot of work but I thought they turned out great.
And now that I have done a Disney villain let me announce... the Disney Series will begin in November!
Já que hoje à noite é Halloween mostro-vos estas fotografias que fiz para o concurso!
A maquilhagem e o arranjo da peruca deram algum trabalho, mas gosto bastante do resultado final.
E agora que já encarnei um vilão Disney anuncio... a Disney Series vai começar em Novembro!


Outfit | Berry colours

Sweater: Primark || Pants: Zara || Belt: Vintage || Bag: Massimo Dutti || Acessories: c/o ShineAcessories

Unlikely. I bet that when I showed you the preview of this look yesterday the last match you thought possible was a pair of hot pink wide leg trousers, right?! Well, that is it. I bought this pants as a really good sales catch almost a year ago and they have been hanging in my closet since then because they needed tailoring.. Which I only had done now. Yeah, I can be that lazy sometimes. Anyway, I love the way this photos turned out... The outfit colours in the middle of all that green just makes me look like a giant wild berry, don't you think? I look so yummy!! Ahah!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | You have no idea

Sweater:Primark || Necklace: c/o ShineAcessories

I love this shot because it tells you absolutely nothing about what tomorrow's outfit looks like!
Muahahah (yes, that was my evil laugh!)... Any guesses? Stay tuned!
Adoro esta fotografia porque não vos dá ideia nenhuma do conjunto de amanhã!
Muahahah (sim, isto foi o meu riso maléfico!)... Alguma aposta? Fiquem atentos!

Giveaway | 30$ voucher on Chicnova (Closed)

Today I have a giveaway to my lovely readers!
To win a 30$ voucher coupon to Chicnova all you have to do is:
1. Follow this blog via GFC. 2. Register in the site
3. Comment on this post with your register email and the link of your favorite item on chicnova.

This giveaway will be open internationally until 9th November. Good luck!


Outfit | Modern ballerina

Shirt: Zara || Skirt: c/o Oasap (buy it here) || Heels&Clutch: Primark || Necklace: c/o DLY inspirations || Belt:H&M

Soft tones & Miss Watson. Since this month's outfits have been so casual I thought it was time to spice it up with a ballerina inspired party outfit. You already know my love for soft colours, so I kept it very neutral and added a small touch of bright with the turquoise shoes. As for the hairtsyle... well, I have to admit I was a bit inspired by Emma Watson and her times of rocking really short hair! Don't worry, I didn't cut it off (even) more, I just slicked it back. Wha do you think? Let me know.


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Modern ballerina

Skirt: c/o Oasap (buy it here)|| Belt: H&M || Bag: Primark

It's a modern take on ballerinas, inspired by this flouncy Oasap skirt (only 18€!).
Warning: expect lots of twirling!
Uma versão moderna das bailarinas, inspirada por esta saia (18€ na Oasap!).
Aviso: preparem-se para muito rodopiar!


Outfit | The plaid shirt

Shirt: Pull&Bear || Jeans: Pull&Bear || Boots: Etxart&Panno || Bag: Florence leather market || Coat: Zara || Ring: H&M

Lumberjack's daughter. Plaid patterns like the one in this shirt always make me think of people who live in the woods... maybe because that is how Hollywood always portray them in movies? I don't know. Anyway, I do belive that outfits like this are a great way to bring "countryside fashion" to the city: the plaid shirt, the practical denim pants and the flat boots make this look confortable enough for long working days yet give it just the right amount of appeal to make it wow enough for the urban jungle.


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Plaid shirt & Denim

Plaid shirt: Pull&Bear || Jeans: Pull&Bear

If you didn't read my blog this weekend, I have some news: I'll do a Disney Princesses Series!
You can vote here to choose which princesses you want me to portray... Go ahead :)
As for tomorrow's outfit, it will be good old casual for fall: plaid and denim.
Se não leram o blogue ontem, tenho novidades: vou fazer uma Série Princessas Disney!
Podem votar aqui para escolher que princesas querem que eu personalize... Força :)
Quanto a conjunto de amanhã, vai ser casual e outonal: xadrez e ganga.


Personal | Teen suicide

Today I'm writing about a very different matter than usual... But not less important. Please pay attention.

Yesterday one of my classmates from Med School took his own life.
It is known that Med students have a high suicide rate, but I had never had a case so close to me. This boy was in my school, he took the same classes and had the same teachers. And now he's gone. So today I'm making this post to let all of my readers know that depression is a real ilness. Please don't think it's all in someone's head: there are biologial mechanisms to it that are hard to fight. Support people you know in this sittuation and if it's you who's in it, please don't give up: you are so worth it!
Ontem um dos meus colegas de curso de Medicina suicidou-se.
É certo e sabido que este curso tem muitos casos destes, mas nunca nenhum tinha acontecido tão próximo de mim. Conhecia este rapaz de vista, era do meu ano, tinha as mesmas aulas nas mesmas salas. E agora desapareceu. Por isso hoje estou a fazer este post para vos lembrar que a depressão é uma doença real. Tanto quanto a gripe ou dor de cabeça. Há mecanismos biológicos que lhe estão anexados e que se tornam muito difíceis de combater. Apoiem pessoas que conheçam nesta situação e se forem vocês mesmo que estão nela, por favor não desistam: valem muito a pena e há tanto por que viver!

Personal | Disney Princesses it is!

And the next series is going to be about (drumroll please!)... Disney Princess!
Since it was your choice, I thought it was only fair that you could choose which princesses
I would portrait as well. So the series will be composed of the 2 most voted here + 2 I'll choose.
Btw, there is one princess I am particularly fond of... Can you guess which?
Do you see me as any of them? Are you excited to see this series? Let me know!!

  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • Aurora fom Sleeping Beauty
  • Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Belle from Beauty and the Beast
  • Cinderella from Cinderella
  • Jasmine from Aladin
  • Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Megara from Hercules
  • Mulan from Mulan
  • Pocahontas from Pocahontas
  • Rapunzel from Rapunzel

Personal | Please help me decide...

Remember my party series? Well, I have been wanting to do a new series for quite some time now,
but I can't decide wich one to choose! So, will you help me? The ideas are:
A Disney Princesses series, in which I would create looks inspired by the princesses.
A Make Up series, in which I would create looks inspired by a certain make up.
A Fall/Winter Colours series, in which I would create looks with F/W 2012 key colours.
Lembram-se das minhas Party Series? Bem, desde há algum tempo que quero voltar a esta rúbrica,
mas não me consigo decidir no tema! Ajudam-me? As ideias são:
Uma Série de Princesas Disney, na qual criaria conjuntos inspirados em algumas princesas.
Uma Série de Maquilhagem, na qual criaria conjuntos inspirados em determinadas maquilhagens.
Uma Série Cores de O/I 2012, na qual criaria conjuntos com as cores chave para esta estação.

  • The Disney Princesses Series
  • The Make Up Series
  • The F/W Colours Series
More polls: Memira

Inspiration board | Knitwear for cold days

There is no better way to protect youself from cold days
than a knitwear sweater. And that is it.
Não há melhor maneira de nos protegermos do frio
do que uma camisola de malha grossa. Ponto final.


Personal | Go ahead and live

Please, go ahead and stop taking yourself too seriously.
Smile. Laugh. Dance. Make a fool out of youself.... And have fun while doing it.
Because "in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years". (A. Lincoln)
Façam o favor de não se levarem demasiado a sério.
Sorriam. Dêem gargalhadas. Dancem. Façam figura de parvos... E divirtam-se a fazê-la!
Porque afinal, "o que mais conta não são os anos na nossa vida. É a vida nos nossos anos". (A. Lincoln)

Outfit | Being silly

Coat: Stefanel || Pants: Zara || Boots: Mango || Bag: Zara || Scarf: Grand Bazar in Istanbul

Last minute decision. So I was about to leave my room to go shoot this look, when these glasses (if you could even call them that!) caught my attention. Of course I didn't walk around the streets all day wearing a gigantic pair of hot-pink glasses, but I thought they added a nice touch to the pictures... It just goes to show that I don't take this blog too seriously. Meaning: I blog because it's fun, not because it's some kind of obligation to be fulfilled. So I hope you can smile&laugh at this pictures and be able to say: today I visited Miss Tangerine's blog and it brightened up my day! That was what I was aiming for. :D


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Goofy sunglasses

Tomorrow's outfit is all about enjoying the silly things about life...
Why not begin with a pair of ridiculous glasses? :)
O conjunto de amanhã reforça o prazer das parvoíces da vida...
Porque não começar com um par de óculos ridículos? :)


Outfit | Yummy mustard

Sweater: H&M || Jeans: c/o Necessary Clothing (here) || Heels: Zara || Belt: Vintage || The rest: borrowed from my mom

Oh so yummy mustard. There really is no better way to describe what I feel about this colour besides yummy. Regarding this issue, the first thing you have to be aware of is that I put mustard on every single type of  food: fish, steak, pasta, you name it and I've probably already ate it with mustard... I feel like it makes the plates ten times better. And that kind of sums up how I feel about the colour mustard as well: it just makes any look instantly ten times better. What about you, do you like mustard - the colour and the food? (Ahah, got to love gastronomic discussions!)


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Mustard & High waist denim

Sweater: H&M || Jeans: c/o Necessary Clothing (here) || Belt: Vintage

I've shown you the inspiration, and tomorrow I'll show you my take on mustard.
Awesome colour paired with awesome high waist jeans from Necessary Clothing!
Depois da inspiração, amanhã mostro-vos o meu conjunto cor de mostarda.
Cor fantástica conjugada com igualmente fantásticas jeans de cintura subida da Necessary Clothing!

Inspiration board | Mustard

I love mustard... Taste and colour. It's just so yummy!
Adoro mustarda... tanto o sabor como a cor. É tão yummy!


Outfit | 100th outfit post

Shirt: Vintage || Pants: Zara || Boots: Mango || Scarf: Gand Bazar in Istanbul || Necklace: Pedra Lua

Long road. It's true, this is already the 100th post with an outfit tag... It seems like it was yesterday that I started out this blog, and yet it is has been almost one year! I'm not going to say it has always been easy, because it hasn't: sometimes I can't find the time to go shoot, other times there is noone available to shoot me and there are even the ones where I don't feel like shooting. Nevertheless, I think I've been doing quite a good job in keeping this blog updated. Thank you all for being there... and I hope you're still there to see the next hundred!


Preview of tomorrow's post | Pieces with meaning

Tomorrow will be my 100th outfit post on the blog!
And as a celebration, I decided to wear pieces with a meaning behind them:
the necklace was given to me by someone special and the scarf is tangerine, just like the blog :)
Amanhã vou colocar aqui no blog o outfit post número 100!
Então, em jeito de celebração, decidi usar peças com algum significado:
o colar foi-me dado por alguém especial e o lenço é tangerina, tal e qual como o blog :)


Personal | Two faced

I love this shot. How half my face is in the light and the other half is in the shadow...
It represents the inner battle every human has to face: the balance between our strenghts and flaws.
Yes, you are probably not the best one out there. But if you do your best, what more can you ask?!
Adoro esta fotografia. O modo como metade da minha cara está iluminada e a outra metade não...
Representa a batalha interior que todos temos que travar: balançar os nossos fortes e fraquezas.
Não, não são o melhor do mundo. Mas se derem o vosso melhor, que mais se pode pedir?!

Outfit | Dark fairy

Shirt: c/o Necessary Clothing (buy it here) || Pants: Zara || Heels: Zara || Jacket: Zara || Bag: Zara

What's your style? When it comes to fashion matters, this is an often asked question... that generates a lot of doubt within ouselfs. Don't you find yourself asking what your style is after all? I know I do. But then, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it is so stupid that people feel the need to label everything. Why should I have one style? Why can't I have several styles I enjoy? And that is why I present you this dark rocker look: I still have my stilletos and lipstick that is totally me, but the rest is a entirely different vibe and you know what? I felt great in it! 


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Dark colours

Shirt: c/o Necessary Clothing (buy it here) || Pants: Zara

Continuing my black mood, I wore this beautiful piece by Necessary Clothing.
It's such a statement on its own... Best part? It only costs 20$!
Seguindo a minha onda de preto, decidi usar esta fantástica peça da Necessary Clothing.
Marca uma posição só por si... E a melhor parte? Só custa 20$!


Inspiration board | I-don't-care style

As much as I love looking polished, sometimes I just want to go with the
kind of style. Also, black is the colour to do it.
Por mais que goste de estar arranjada, por vezes só me apetece o estilo
E para isso, preto é a cor perfeita sem dúvida.

Travel | Venice, Italy

Water, water everywhere. There's no way around it: Venice is Venice because of its beautiful water chanels. They give the city such a different feel from every other place in the world! Even though I only stayed there for one day, it felt so good to wonder though the city... Per Rialto! Per San Marco!


Outfit | (Not) Too cool for school

Shirt: Zara || Pants Zara || Oxfords: Zara || Bag: Florence leather market || Watch: c/o Triwa via BW

University wear.  This past week I received some questions about the outfits I wore to go to school... Well, this is about it: a pair of comfy pants (I wanted to get away from the cliché that jeans are the only comfortable pants, so I wore these khaki ones) & an equally comfy top, some flats and a big bag so I can throw everything I need in it. Oh, and don't forget the watch and a hair band! I hope you enjoyed this little school feature... Are you curious about what I wear in some other aspect of my life? If so, let me know and I'll post about it!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | School time

I received some questions about how I dressed for school...
And so I thought I'd do an outfit post about it! Curious?
Recebi algumas questões acerca da roupa que uso na universidade...
E portanto decidi fotografar um conjunto a exemplificar! Curiosos?


Inspiration board | Soft tones

Sometimes all we need is a bit of calmness in our lives... and wardrobe.
Às vezes tudo o que precisamos é de um pouco de calma nas nossas vidas... e guarda-roupa.


Personal | Re-Vintage Clothing campaign

Remember this post about the making of the Re-Vintage Clothing shorts campaign? Well, I finally got the final photos to show you... I love them, and I think you will as well. We shot them at typical Lisbon locations such as St. George's Castle or Jerónimos' Monastery, and that is why I leave you with the campaign... It's all about Lisbon and shorts. Enjoy!


Outfit | The green issue

Top: Adolfo Dominguez || Pants: Zara || Sandals: Cortefiel || Bag: Blanco || Scarf: bought in Istanbul

New beginnings. I have always hated the colour green... All fifty shades of it. And when I say hate, I mean sometimes I didn't buy an item I loved just because it was green. But since I'm going through some changes in my life - and because these pants fit so damn well! - I thought I would buy them to simbolize new beginnings. They make me feel good. And that's what fashion is supposed to be all about in the end.


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Earthy tones

Tomorrow's outfit will have autumn collours and summer pieces!
It's perfect  for this hot/cold weather... Who's curious?
O conjunto de amanhã vai ter cores de Outouno e peças de Verão!
É perfeito para estes dias de tempo indeciso... Quem está curioso?


Outfits | September outfits

Outfit 1 || Outfit 2 || Outfit 3 || Outfit 4 || Outfit 5 || Outfit 6 || Outfit 7 || Outfit 8 || Outfit 9

Coming back. Since I didn't do any blogging during August due to my interail, this month my outfit posts felt a bit more special to me... And that's how I realized my little blog is becoming more and more fun for me to do. I may not be the best blogger in terms of quantity, but honestly I prefer to do less high quality posts than a lot of medium ones: is that how you see my blog as well or am I mistaken? I'd like to hear you out!
Regressar. Já que em Agosto não estive pelo blog por causa do meu interail, este mês os outfit posts foram ainda mais gratificantes... E é assim que me apercebo que este blog é cada vez mais divertido de criar. Posso não ser das melhores bloggers em termos de quantidade, mas sinceramente prefiro fazer menos posts com maior qualidade que muitos com qualidade média: é assim que vêem o meu blog também ou tenho uma noção errada? Gostava de ouvir as vossas opiniões!