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Outfit | (Not so) Basic

Shirt: Zara || Jeans: Pull&Bear || Sneakers: H&M || Bag: Acessorize

Simplicity & hot weather. Regarding Summer fashion, I have a little confession to make: I hate dressing up on hot days. And when I say hate, I mean I truly and undeniably loathe it! It seems that no matter what I wear, my clothes get all sticky in no time... But after years of battling the 40+º Celsius, I got my personal secret formula: during (unbearable) hot weather always go with simplicity, with a touch of personality. It's stylish, it's comfy, and it's still you! Do you agree?


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Summer bag

This is the perfect Summer bag:
Colorful, and big enough to fit everything in it!
Esta é a perfeita carteira de Verão:
Colorida, e grande o suficiente para caber tudo lá dentro!


Outfit | Unusual orange

Top: H&M || Pants: Sheinside (find them here) || Heels: Zara || Ring: Johanna N via Blogguer's Wardrobe || Bag: Zara

Lenght games. The minute I laid my eyes on these pants (which are so so me: Miss Tangerine anyone?) I knew they were the perfect match for this wonderful top I bought at H&m sales... I love how the different lenghts of the pieces go together and really compliment each other. That being said, I wore this outfit to celebrate the beginnig of my half holidays... one more exam to go and then it's Summer time!!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Double

Tomorrow's look will feature not only the gorgeous Johanna N ring
but also a fabulous piece by Sheinside.
Who's ready for a party outfit?
O conjunto de amanhã vai ter não só o fantástico anel Johanna N
mas também uma fantástica peça da Sheinside.
Quem está pronto para um look de festa?

Goodies | Johanna N ring

Ring: Johanna N through Blogguer's Wardrobe

It finally arrived. This past week I received my first delivery from Blogguer's Wardrobe. I was super excited to get this wonderful piece of jewelry and expected it for long.... Now that it's here, it didn't disappointed me at all. I may hate bugs, but silver bugs are a whole different matter! Ahah :)


Outfit | High up above

Shirt: Sheinside (find it here) || Shorts: H&M || Flats: Primark || Haircuff: H&M || Bag: Etxart&Panno || 

Triple sense. I called this outfit "high up above" for three reasons: the first one is obviously the galaxy print of this awesome shirt from Sheinside; secondly, in honour of my high ponytail (featuring my most wanted haircuff); and finally because that's how I feel being on half holidays! Surviving last week was tough (I had three final exams) but I made it. Now I only have one more exam to do, and therefore my countdown to Summer holidays has officialy begun!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Galaxy print shirt

Shirt: Sheinside (find it here)

Galaxy print is one of the biggest trends this year...
And this shirt embodies that spirit perfectly!
O padrão estelar é uma das maiores tendências este ano...
E esta camisola personifica-a perfeitamente!

Goodies | The last ones

T-shirt, top and haircuff: H&M

Long lost desires and new discoveries. Today I'm showing you some other pieces I got from H&M sales: a plain grey t-shirt (wardobre basic I didn't own), a rose golden haircuff and a modern black top. I have been looking for a haircuff for so long and am thrilled to finally find one... the top, however, was something I wasn't planning on getting but that really gained my attention. So, do you like these pieces? I should also tell you that tomorrow there will be an outfit post again, yey!! 


Goodies | H&M bikinis

Bikinis: H&M

Summer addiction. I must admit I am addicted to beach wear: each Summer I keep getting myself more and more, even though I only spend about three weeks in the beach. This year, after getting myself this bathing suit and receiving this amazing bikini, these two from H&M sneaked into my collection. The floral one looks awesome on the body, and the white top reminds me so much of a mermaid that I couldn't leave it in the store (also, H&M beach year is just so fair-priced!). So, which one do you like best?


Goodies | Triple threat

Shirts: H&M

Goodies week. I know I haven't posted in quite a long time, and the reason is simple: I'm having my final exams this week. Even though I normally am able to manage my time between school and the blog, this week I really have to focus so that I can finish the semester with the best grades possible. Therefore, I am having a goodies week (because these posts take much less time than outfits posts!)! And we start off with my new shirts from the H&M sales... I don' usually buy the same piece of clothing in different colours, but for 5€ each I couldn't resist!


Outfit | Photos from Miss Tangerine in the Morning

Top: Oasap || Jeans: Primark || Loafers: Sheinside || Photos by: Jéssica Silva Photography

Bloggers in the Morning - Photos. Here are the photos I had promised to show you yesterday, so sorry for the delay... They're from the awesome project Bloggers in the Morning (have you seen the video already?) and were shot by the lovely Jéssica Silva. As a side note, I have to warn you that there will be much less posting than normal in the following week because I have THREE freaking final exams (oh yes, my university is so kind to its students!), so I really have to focus now. But don't worry too much, everything will be back to normal a week from now.


Surprise | Miss Tangerine in the Morning

Surprise. So the suprise I had prepared for you is... a video in collaboration with Bloggers in the Morning! This fantastic project shows various blogger's morning routine, and my video was launched especially today  in honour of the blogs half-birthday (have you read my thank you note?), how cool is that? Anyway, you can find this video+photos of the outfit+an interview about my morning routine on the official blog of Bloggers in the Morning. I'll post the photos of the outfit later today. Hope you like it, please let me know!

Personal | Miss Tangerine Half-birthday

Half a year of blogging. Today is my blog's half birthday, meaning it is exactly half a year old... I can't believe it has been so long already! And taking advantage of this special ocasion, I have a few words to say.


Outfit | Ladylike blue

Shirt: Primark || Black jeans: Zara || Heels: Zara || Bag: Zara || Necklace: Accessorize

Trend alert. Peplum is one of the biggest trends of the year and let's all hope it's here to stay: it has a way of showing off a woman's body with an elegance that very few other shapes have. Therefore, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this wonderful blouse at Primark (plus, it was a real bargain!)... Not only I love its shape, I also really like the deep electric blue. I decided to pair it with simple black pieces and a tiny cute necklace that made all the difference: sometimes understated beauty is the best kind, don't you think?


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Detail

Today's preview features one of my favourite necklaces...
And a very special shirt, that follows a big trend this year!
Anyone curious to know what it is?
O preview de hoje é com um dos meus colares preferidos...
E com uma camisola que segue uma das grandes tendências deste ano!
Curiosos para saber qual é?


Goodies | USA bikini

Trend pattern. This year patterns took over the fashion world, and the USA flag print was definetely one of them. It looks really good, especially  if your going for a Summer festival kind of look. Therefore, I was really excited when I received this bikini from Madlady: not only can it be worn as a bikini, but also it would be great underneath a loose top, don't you think?


Outfit | Rock my world

Sweater: Primark || Jeans: Pull&Bear || Boots: Jeffrey Campbell || Bag: Vintage

At last. Remember this post, in which I told you about me winning an awesome pair of Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots on a giveaway? Well, back then I promised I would do an outfit with them and so here it is! Once I realized the blue in the boots is actually made of denim, I just knew I had to pair them with a colour-matching pair of jeans (that's why it took so long, the perfect jeans were hard to find!). The rest of the outfit just popped into my mind... It's a bit more rocky than what I usually wear, but these boots really do rock my world so I thought it was appropriate! Tell me what you think :)


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Can you guess?

Can you guess how I paired this awesome baggy sweater?
(I'll give you a clue: it features something I have showed you already,
but that I never got to put into an outfit.)
Conseguem adivinhar como conjuguei esta camisola larga?
(Dou-vos uma pista: foi com uma coisa que já vos mostrei aqui no blogue,
mas que nunca cheguei a incorporar num outfit.)


Outfit | Idyllic scenery

Shirt: Zara || Shorts: Zara || Heels: Cortefiel || Bag: Street store

Yet again. This garden near my house is so beautiful these days, with the purple flowers on the ground and all, that I couldn't resist to shoot there once again... plus, I had on my flower printed shorts and the colours matched my blouse, so it seemed the outfit was meant for the place. That being said, my life has not been that idyllic lately just because my final exams are this month, so a lot of work is required. I guess this is how I always say goodbye to you now, but since it is oh so true here it is again: off to studying now! Much love.


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Bambi eyes

(I honestly don't think I look all that pretty in this photo,
but I love that it tells a story so I decided to post it!)
Sinceramente não acho que tenha ficado especialmente bonita nesta fotografia
mas adoro como ela conta uma história, por isso decidi colocá-la no blogue!


Editorial | Art Power in Elle Belgium

Photographed: Hicham Riad || Artwork: Kid Acne || Model: Robin Hölzken


Outfit | A little girl again

Dress: A little lacey from Sugarlips // Jacket: Zara // Ballerinas: Primark // Bag: Vintage 

Pinkish. When I ordered this dress I thought it was white, but I have to admit I was both surprised and glad when I realized it is in fact light pink... it just adds to the feeling this dress gives me: it makes me fell like a happy little girl again. And that's why I paired it with a light pink leather jacket and a braided hairstyle, to keep it soft and girly! Hope you like it!


Outfit | Brick by brick

Shirt: Zara // Shorts: Oasap // Flats: Zara // Bag: Zara

It's not actually sunny. So today the weather here in Lisbon is dreadful and therefore I was not able to go out and take some photos, so I took the chance to show you these, which were lost in my computer files. I just can't stop wearing this shorts, I think there are infinite ways to style them! Well, I'm off to Rock in Rio now (a Summer festival) to see Joss Stone, Bryan Adams and Stevie Wonder. So please: let the rain stop!