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Outfits | November outfits

Not dressed for the weather. Because of the Disney Series and the photoshoot these outfits are not very winter-ish... But that is about to change in December, as you can see by my two latest outfits. Also, a lot of exciting posts are scheduled to be up next month, so stay tuned. As for these, do you have any favourite? Let me know!
Em desacordo com a meteorologia. Graças à série das Princessas Disney e à sessão fotográfica os conjuntos deste mês acabaram por não ser muito invernais... Mas isso vai mudar em Dezembro, como aliás já se nota pelos meus últimos dois conjuntos. Para o próximo mês está ainda planeado muito conteúdo especial, por isso mantenham-se atentos. Quanto a estes posts, algum preferido? Digam-me qual! 

Inspiration board | Streetstyle

Today I want to share with you some of my favourite streetstyle pictures, by
the master himself The Sartorialist. Love how he captures each person's essence!
Hoje partilho convosco algumas das minha fotografias de streetstyle favoritas, pela
mão do mestre The Sartorialist. Adoro como ele captura a essência das pessoas que fotografa!


Outfit | Tangerine coziness

Knitwear: c/o Nowistyle || Sweater: H&M || Pants: Zara || Heels: Etxart&Panno || Bag: c/o Nowistyle

Knitwear as coats. Those of you who follow my blog since last winter know that this is something I love to do: wear chunky knits as an overall coat. I love the casual vibe of layering knitwear... The secret is to wear thin ones underneath and more chunky ones on top. So that is exactly today's outfit: a thin sweater from H&M and a big chuncky one from Nowistyle. A tangerine lipstick to finish up the look... and voilá, you're fashionable and warm!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Big, fluffy AND tangerine? Perfect!

Knitwear: c/o Nowistyle || Pants: Zara || Bag: c/o Nowistyle

Tomorrow's outfit highlight will be this super puffy knitwear
that Nowistyle has kinldy gifted me... One of my favourite pieces nowadays!
O conjunto de amanhã vai ser com esta malha amorosa
que a Nowistyle me ofereceu... Uma das minhas peças favoritas actualmente!


Outfit | My sweater sends kisses

Parka: c/o Vivilli  (buy it here) || Jumper: c/o AxParis (buy it here) || Pants: Zara || Boots: Etxart&Panno || Bag: c/o JoTotes

XOXO, Gossip Girl. Even thought I no longer watch it, I cound't resist this sweater just because it reminded me so much of Gossip Girl... The plot became a little irrelevant to me, but I still love to see the amazing clothes Serena, Blair and their gangs wear! That being said, I decided to pair it with a must-have item this season: the army green parka. This one from Vivilli is not the warmest, but it is perfect for rainy weather with something thicker underneath. I hope you like the outfit! P.S.: The Chicnova giveaway winner was Mia, congrats darling! + Did you notice you can now like my Facebook page from the side bar of the blog? Go ahead and do it if you haven't already!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | First of many

Sweater: c/o AxParis (buy it in black or in white)

Now that my Disney Princesses Series is over (have you seen the final post here?!),
I can procede to showing you all the awesome pieces that have been hanging in my closet!
The first? This AxParis jumper, which I paired with this season must-have item... Can you guess?
Agora que a Série Princessas Disney acabou (já viram o post final aqui?!)
posso começar a mostrar-vos as peças novas que estão penduradas no meu roupeiro!
A primeira? Esta camisolona da AxParis, conjugada com um must-have da estação... Adivinham?

Outfits | The Disney Princesses Series Finale

When I first thought about the Disney Princesses Series, I said I would present four of them: two chosen by you (Pocahontas and Ariel) and other two by me (Mulan and Belle). I did exactly that and even added a "ball look" worthy of any princess... So that is it! I had a lot of fun putting these looks together but now I have other things I want to show you. I understand that maybe some of you wanted to see other princesses besides these, but for now I won't do any... once the warm wheather hits again I'll consider doing a Summer version of the series, maybe with a more extended selection of princesses! Pinky promise. As for these, what did you think? Any favourite look? Please let know in the comments, your opinion in crucial!
A minha ideia inicial acerca desta Série Disney era apresentar quatro princesas:  duas escolhidas por vocês (Pocahontas e Ariel) e outras duas por mim (Mulan e Bela). Fiz exactamente isso e ainda adicionei um conjunto de gala digno de qualquer princesa... E portanto chegámos ao fim! Diverti-me muito a montar estes conjuntos mas agora tenho outras coisas para vos mostrar. Percebo que quisessem ver outras princesas além destas... mas fica a promessa de que quando chegar o tempo quente considerarei fazer uma versão de Verão desta série, quem sabe com uma maior selecção de princesas! Quanto a estas, o que acharam? Alguma preferida? Digam-me nos comentários, a vossa opinião é crucial!


Outfit | The Disney Princesses Series - Belle

Jacket: Vintage || Knit: Etxart&Panno || Jeans: Primark || Boots: Etxart&Panno || Bag&Book: Vintage || Necklaces: ShineAcessories

My favourite princess. For those of you who didn't know, my favourite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Why? Well, besides the fact that the whole message of the movie is beautiful (loving someone for their inside instead of the way they look), she was the one I most related to groing up. She was beautiful (not saying I am beautiful, but what little girl doesn't want to be so?), had brown eyes and hair like me and loved books just like myself. And it's because I am so fond of her that I didn't want to resemble her look in the movie, but this time really tried to envision how Belle would dress if she lived in the XXI century.. and this is it. She would wear jeans, coats that keep her warm (is it weird if I say I added the fur because of Beast? That way she can carry him in her heart and shoulders, ahah!) and of course a book under her arm. Do you like it? Which is your favourite princess and why? Let me know!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | My favourite princess

Tomorrow's outfit will be in honour of my favourite Disney princess...
I guess it's not really obvious but this is how I've always envisioned her!
O conjunto de amanhã é em honra da minha princesa Disney favorita...
Não acho que seja muito óbvio qual é mas foi assim que sempre a imaginei!


Outfit | The Disney Princesses Series - Ariel

Sweater: c/o Chicnova (buy it here) || Skirt: Vintage || Heels: Primark || Bag: Accessorize

The sea princess. Ariel is the litle mermaid we all grew up loving... I mean, what's not to love about the little girl with the red hair and the voice of an angel? When thinking about how I wanted to portray her I decided I wanted to stay away from these typical colours, but after receiving this sweater by Chicnova I instantly changed my mind: it reminds me of sea waves and fish net so it was the obvious choice. I added a purple skirt (because let's be honest, Ariel would be dying to show off her brand new legs!) and a clutch that reminds of fish scales... and voilá!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Colourful princess

Sweater: c/o Chicnova (buy it here) || Skirt: Vintage || Bag: Accessorize

So this is the colour combination for tomorrow... Any guesses to which princess?
This is an easy one! Be sure to come back tomorrow for the whole look!
Esta é a combinação de cores para amanhã... Adivinham qual é a princesa?
Esta é fácil! Não se esqueçam de voltar amanhã para ver o conjunto todo!

Inspiration board | Colour

Nothing better than colour to fight back the awfull weather that has been around lately.
Nada melhor que cor para combater o tempo horrível que tem estado ultimamente.


Inspiration board | Grey is the sky's colour

Today's post should be a new look, but unfortunately it rained all day
today and yesterday... I'll try to shoot it tomorrow, let's keep our fingers crossed!
Hoje o post devia ser um novo conjunto, mas infelizmente a chuva não deu tréguas
e não consegui fotografar... Vamos todos fazer figas para que o possa fazer amanhã!


Outfit | The Disney Princesses Series - Ball gown

Dress: c/o MsDressy || Earrings: Local shop

Long dress. When I received this wonderful dress from MsDressy (did you know each of their dresses is custom made with your measurements, so it looks perfect? How cool is that?!), I instantly knew it was going to be featured in my Disney Series... After giving some thought to which princess I wanted to portray with it, I realized the answer was quite obvious: all of them! I mean, all the other outfits are supposed to represent the girls in their daily life, but Disney's ball gowns are so gorgeous I thought it was only fair to give them a shot as well. So here it is, my interpretaion of party wear for modern Disney princesses: a long elegant gown, perfectly pulled up hair a pair of statement earrings... Do you like it? Let me know!


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | I did feel like a Disney princess

Dress: c/o Msdressy

Here it is: the bustier from tomorrow's dress. Instead of representing a specific princess,
it will be more like a tribute to all the beautiful gowns the Disney Princesses wear. Curious?
Aqui está: o bustier do vestido de amanhã. Em vez de representar uma princesa específica,
este conjunto será mais uma homenagem aos fantásticos vestidos de festa da Disney. Curiosos?

Inspiration board | Full-lenght dresses

I have never featured a floor lenght party dress in the blog...
Maybe today is the day?! I love all of these!
Nunca coloquei um vestido de cerimónia até ao chão no blog...
Será que amanhã é o dia?! Adoro estes todos!


Travel | Interailing - Rome, Italy

Walking through history. That's how I felt walking in the streets of Rome: like I was walking in a real-life history book. It concentrates so many different periods in the same space... it's fantastic. It also felt extra special since it was the very last stop after a whole month of interailing!

Travel | Interailing - Florence, Italy

Second home. This is how I felt while I was in Florence: at home. I loved everything about this city and could definitely see myself living there... There is something about Italy that just does it for me. The sun, the streets, the nice people, the fashion (of course!): it's perfect. P.S.: I'm sorry it took so long for me to post the remaining pictures from my interail. Anyway, they're here and later today I'll post the last ones: Rome.


Outfit | Photoshoot - Lost... In the beach

Shirt: Zara|| Shorts: H&M || Photography by: Jéssica Silva || Make up by: Vicki Marie

Magic light. Here it is: the last set of photos from this week's photoshoot. These were taken right at sunset, which is one of my favourite times to photograph: the light is just so beautiful and warm. The setting is just another plus - there's nothing better than sunset at the beach. As for the outfit, I went for something really neutral and basic to go with the surrounding colours... I felt amazing, and looking at these shots I think that is reflected in them, don't you?! Tell me what you think! P.S.: I'm sorry about the overload of portraits, but I love them all and couldn't choose.


Outfit | Photoshoot - Lost... In the cliffs

Shirt: Vintage || Skirt: DIY || Boots Etxart&Panno || Photography by: Jéssica Silva || Make up by: Vicki Marie

Contrasts. There are so many things I am crazy about in this photoshoot: some of them I can not even put my finger on it, but others are very well defined. I love the contrast between the rich colours and soft colours - in this set of photos the deep blue of the skirt against the surroundings. I love the way movement is captured. And I love how all of the photos, expressions, outfits and settings are able to create a kind of lost-in-my-own-little-world mood. Do you agree? Any favourite photos? Let me know!


Outfit | Photoshoot - Lost... In the desert

Jumper: Vintage || Shorts: H&M || Boots Etxart&Panno || Photography by: Jéssica Silva || Make up by: Vicki Marie

Interruption. A little interruption from The Disney Princesses Series to show you the result of the photoshoot I did earlier this week (you can see the making of here if you're interested!). The photographer was the very talented Jéssica Silva and the make up artist was Vicki Marie, a reader of the blog who is just staring out her but is already so goof! This first look was very casual with just a tiny bit of glamour from the deep red lips. Do you like it? Is there a picture you're particularly fond of? Let me know and stay tuned because there will be two more looks from this photoshoot! 


Outfit | The Disney Princesses Series - Mulan

Jacket: c/o Sugarlips || Kimono jacket: H&M || Skirt: H&M ||  Boots: Etxart&Panno || Bag: Vintage

The warrior. Mulan is the personification of a modern area girl: one who can fight for herself and what she believes in. I mean, she was the first princess (correct me if I'm wrong!) who actually saved her prince instead of the other way around... I love that Disney is showing more and more to young girls that they can fight for themselfs: I mean, from being asleep and woken up with true-love's kiss to saving China and getting the guy is a big jump, don't you think?! The outfit is inspired by her military costume, with the military vibed jacket and harsh boots, but also incorporates her delicate side with the skirt and the red lips... And of course, her faithfull Mushu whispering in her ear!


Preview of tomorrow's post | Welcome to the military

Jacket: c/o Sugarlips || Skirt: H&M ||  Bag: Vintage

Tomorrow's post will be inspired by a very brave Disney princess,
who was not afraid to get a little dirty but still found a way to blossom!
Come back tomorrow for a harsh/delicate look!
O conjunto de amanhã vai ser inspirado por uma princesa Disney muito corajosa,
que não teve medo de se sujar um pouco mas ao mesmo tempo manteve a sua delicadeza!
Voltem amanhã para um look que mistura o delicado com o duro!

Personal | Making of today's photoshoot

Those of you you follow me on Facebook (those who don't, why not follow here? Pretty please?) were aware that today I did a photoshoot with the amazing Jéssica Silva. I had already worked with her for my shoot with Fashion in a Box and in her Bloggers in the Morning project... So I was more than thrilled when she asked me to this yet again! Here are a few photos from the making off - enjoy them! - and I'll show you the final photos as soon as I have them!


Inspiration board | Study time

It's a rainy Sunday, I can't go out for photos... It's study time!
É Domingo, está a chover e não posso ir tirar fotografias... É altura de estudar!


Outfits | The Disney Princesses Series - Pocahontas

Shirt: c/o Now in Style || Pants: Zara || Heels Extart&Panno || Necklaces: Handicraft stores

The wise one. For me, Pocahontas has always been a symbol of wisdom more than anything else. In the movie, everyone always says how she is "wise beyond her hears"... And they are right, after all she is way more tolerant than any adult in the story and that is what I really look up to her for. So, for this outfit, I chose very serene earthy colours, that also reflect her love for mother nature. Every item has a meaning: the shirt reminds me of indian capes, with its big batt sleeves; the nude heels are the closest I could get to being bare footed; the bag is recycled material, which I think she would aprove if she lived today; and of course the turquoise necklace is there to resemble the one she so much loved in the movie.


Preview of tomorrow's outfit | Let the Disney Series begin!

Tomorrow will be the first outfit post from my Disney Princesses series...
And in earthy tones and a turquoise necklace, can you guess which?
Amanhã vai ser o primeiro post da minha série Princesas Disney...
E com tons terra e um colar turquesa, conseguem adivinhar qual?


Goodies | It's a brand new thing!

Monthly goodies. From now on there will be a new tag on the blog... Every month I will show you the clothing, accesories and beauty items that I got during the previous month. I loved my goodies posts but I felt they were too random and unorganized, so now it's going to be a constant new thing! Hope you like the very first post... Here it is!